Lens Correction

When selling Real Estate, your photos are your first line of communication. 

What type of communication do you prefer? There are various ways to communicate with each other and it's your responsibility as an agent to figure out what your target audience wants to hear to move them into action.

In general, your goal in residential Real Estate is to find a buyer for your listing (target audience) speak a language (with attention grabbing photos and jargon free descriptions), use a medium (like the MLS systems, Social Media and Websites to communicate your message) and effect change in conveying the property, as quickly as possible. 

I myself, prefer a clear and concise story that doesn't leave me questioning the message. So, that's why I create intriguing, professionally lit and vertically straight images for Residential properties. 

There are three changes we made to this photo.

1. Brighten

2. Lens Correction

3. Cloud addition

The time of day we were shooting this property the sun was to the west so the front of the house was a bit too dark to showcase the beautiful sprawling porch. I envision the new home owner swinging in the evening or having the whole family out on the porch to watch the sun go down-so we want the viewers to be able to see this space. 

Our company uses the HDR bracketing approach to capture as much detail as possible as well as brightening and evening the photo in camera, knowing we will take that into our post processing to lighten it up.

The second step, and often the most important, is making sure the lens correction is applied. In Real Estate photography, having straight vertical lines is a MUST. You want your customer/client to see what the house actually looks like- not a distorted representation. 

And finally, we added some clouds to make sure the sky compliments the house. 

So, when you take a look at your pictures for your listing, look at these three common elements to see if your images are visually captivating! 

Lens Correction copy.jpg