In the beginning....

In the beginning every business starts small, I suppose. Perhaps it begins with a dream or a thought then an action and so on and so on. 

I am in the brand new stage. I moved to Atlanta in December knowing I didn't want to commute over and hour each way to my job. I am from Mississippi, that much time in traffic is not good for my mind or my back! 

Thankfully I have great friends, a highly supportive husband and a solid work ethic (thanks mom and dad for teaching me that doing nothing will not pay my bills). 

It's been two and half full months since I've been living in the suburbs of Atlanta. I knew two people when I moved here and so one of them reached out to me to see about doing a video for the school where he teaches. So, I just completed my first commercial project with Westside Atlanta Charter School. The administration at the school is very committed to diversity and bringing together various cultures as well as small class size and student based project learning. It was a fascinating project. I also created a page on the and just finished the first two weddings I have booked for the 2016 season! 

So, in five years may I look back on this moment and know I seized my opportunities. I have done well. And I have enjoyed life a little bit more. 

Here is to getting started on my own!!